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Are the RP280-F's ok for my room?

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Hi all, 


I'm fitting out a new home office/concert watching/listening room (finally!).!! 


I bought the RP280-F's on a whim a few years ago. Finally dusted them off and am putting them in the space. They are really deep and I wonder if I will get them far enough off the back wall to sound ok without looking too awkward in the room. They seem really big in here but maybe I'll get used to them or after I hear them, it won't matter! I am thinking about a peach tree Nova150 off of EBAY to power them - any comments welcome. The room is 22 ft. x 15 ft. and the way it worked out, I had to run the speakers facing the long wall, so across the lesser space/depth of the room. Are there any reasons not to keep these and pickup the peach tree amp at this point?... other than my sense that they look a little funny in the room due to depth? What is the min. I can get away with off the back wall and will they be far enough apart?


Best, C


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If you're going to use a subwoofer you can put the speakers pretty much flush against the wall behind them.  If you aren't, the general rule of thumb for rear-ported speakers is to add up the diameter of the port(s) and place the speakers about that distance from the wall behind them.  So, if you have two 5 inch ports (I have no idea what size are on your speakers, just an example), then you would want to place the speakers about 10 inches from the wall behind them.

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Interestingly enough, the RP-280 manual does not recommend a distance from the front wall to place the speakers. The only suggestion I can make is to experiment.

The distance from the wall will increase or decrease the bass reinforcement. I say as long as the port is not blocked, you're okay.


Aesthetics matter, and if you think the speakers look too large for the room, then perhaps they are.


Compared to the TV size, to my eyes the speakers do tend to distract the eye.

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