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Got to play in a Beechcraft Hawker 400x last weekend!!

Mighty Favog

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The company Lorrie's son works for said it was o.k. to take one of the company jets for a spin. Nothing like playing with an $8,000,000 plane !! (avg. $5,400,000 used)


1.  Looking over the Ohio River


2.  Lorrie and I


3.  May Lee (Daughter-in-law) with Case at the controls.




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  • Mighty Favog changed the title to Got to play in a Beechcraft Hawker 400x last weekend!!
1 hour ago, JL Sargent said:

How nice. So Case is Lorrie's Son-in-law?  I wonder what 2 hours rental on a plane like that would be? $10K maybe?



Case is Lorrie's son (but not my son). May Lee is her daughter-in-law but I call her my daughter-in-law too. In turn she calls me her father-in-law even though Lorrie and I aren't married. But we tell people in public Lorrie and I are (God awful complicated).


I asked Case how much my ticket would have been considering there were six passengers on board for time and fuel. For 10-12 minutes, one passenger would have been about $700. The plane was going in for maintenance for 8-weeks about 30-miles away at another airport. So we all tagged along for the drop-off. Case is the captain, the co-pilot is to his right out of camera view. This plane always has to have two people at the controls.


A couple of years ago, when Case and May Lee got married, if was his idea to fly the families from southern to northern Arizona (they lived in the south). But even though he was borrowing the Cessna (above) the company he worked for (and made a lot of money for) wouldn't cut him any deals. Including the paying for the co-pilot's hotel bill till they flew back the next day.


The whole point was Case wanted to pilot the plane filled with the families to their own wedding.

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Last summer Case had a very close call. You guys out west will probably remember this.


During his off hours he would fly recon for the wild fires out west. Taking a retired fire chief to assess where the chemical drop tankers should go.


So, one day he was scheduled to go up but couldn't because the Cessna was due to come back from maintenance in California to Arizona. And Case was the only one type rated for that plane in the company. So, they sent up someone that could fly the Beechcraft King Air C90 for the recon.


One wing of the plane came completely off, crashed, and killed both men. Case said last time he flew that plane the hair of his neck stood up cause things just didn't feel right. Turns out the company that owned the C90 was wayyyyy behind on all their maintenance. 




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You ballooned your carbon footprint.  As penalty, you are commanded to spend an hour listening to your honky speakers!


Too bad you couldn't have taken all of us for a ride.  HEY WAIT....you could have flown a Chesters Pizza down to Knoxville.  Pfft....  I'm upset at you now.  Make it TWO hours of music.



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On 5/7/2022 at 8:47 PM, Coytee said:

HEY WAIT....you could have flown a Chesters Pizza down to Knoxville.  Pfft....  I'm upset at you now.  Make it TWO hours of music.




Just saw this ad on my phone from 1983. ;)




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3 hours ago, Mighty Favog said:

Do they have eat-in dining? Thinking of a place to take Lorrie for a date-night. It's about 20-minutes from us.

Quick answer is no.  It's strictly carry out.  20-30 years ago, they DID have a  number of sit in locations.  I don't know the story but those closed down and they're back to their original location on Route 4.


Side comment....  they are right at the intersection of Bobmeyer Road.  This is the road down which sits the Greater Hamilton Airport.  I suppose by now, it's grown large enough to maybe allow Cessna's to come/go (HA).  Back in High School, it essentially closed at night.  I'd be out with my girlfriend, go down  Bobmeyer to the airport or near it, shut car down and we'd have dinner in the car.


A number of years ago (like 20) I met some folks and we went to the lounge AT the airport and had our Pizza.  Watched the two planes take off & land.....or was it only one? (small airport)


Tis a bummer.  Now when I go, I might take it to a friends house who's nearby....but if that doesn't work, I'll just drive down the road and pull into one of the parking lots of the shopping centers and have at it.


It will be blistering hot if you get it right out of the oven AND, it will be VERY messy if you use your hands, so if you do that, get a plethora of napkins.  (I hate getting my hands all sloppy when I eat that)


It might not work out the most romantic for you and Lorrie but you can pretend you're 18 again.... :wub:  (just remember when you are making goo-goo eyes and she asks why are you making goo-goo eyes at the pizza....  find some way to turn it back to give your attention to her because that next bite WILL be tempting)


Another side comment, man, I'm full of them tonight.  Think of Thanksgiving dinner.....  you eat/gorge yourself until you might say "MAN, if I eat another bite of this or even SEE Turkey for a MONTH, I might throw up"  Nothing against the food, but your body is saying ENOUGH.


I swear this is true....  Chesters is the only place I know of where I can stuff myself unable to take another bite....and (back when they had the sit-in's) they'd bring out someone elses food and I'd just oogle over it saying OMG, I'd love to eat that....


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And to think my favorite place was Uno's but the only one left is in downtown Dayton. Impossible parking on the weekends and too much rush hour traffic during the week. They had one called the SeaDelico that I would KILL for. :)


....we still make goo-goo eyes at each other. 🤪

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