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RC-7 questions

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Just got a pair of RC-7's to use as L/R speakers for tv (horizontally). 

Learned that one woofer handles freqs below 500Hz, while the other one goes up to 1950Hz ( a 2.5 way tapered array).  But ... have no clue if the low freq speaker is the left or the right one. (Haha, of course I can hook them up and then listen, but at 45 lbs each I do not feel like having to lift them multiple times as they are going into a hard to access slot.) :) 


Also; what would be better ... low freq woofers on the inside, or outside?


Thanks, Emile

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OK; hooked up ONE single as a right channel :)  The <500Hz woofer is the "left" one (in the box). Will flip the next (left channel) RC-7 over so they are symmetrical.


Sounds pretty good, even with the port holes stuffed :) 



Add-on: Know you guys like speakers w/o grilles, but grilles will be "on" before the wife gets home :) 

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24 minutes ago, Emile said:

Sounds pretty good, even with the port holes stuffed :) 


 Why stuff the ports? Have you tried propping the rear of the speakers up to get the drivers aimed at the listening position? Looks like you may have room.. would be curious to hear a review after you get some time with them they look good up there like they were meant to be congrats!

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24 minutes ago, jjptkd said:

Why stuff the ports?

Back of the RC-7's is against the wall; not enough room to put them about 2" off the back :(  Also, they would be "very enclosed." On the left section, only have about 2" on the sides and 1/4" on top - thought it might be too "boomy." :) 

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OK; just listened to some "rock," and Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D. Op.35, by Itzhak Perlman. Very nice indeed; full, well balanced and refined ... haha; $1000 well spend (OK; actually $890) ... guess my ears just had to get used to them :) Thanks @jjptkd for recommending this setup.


And the good part is that my wife won't even notice (the speakers that is; but she won't notice the money spend either :) ) Jeez, she went to the Indy 500 and probably spend double :) (Did not go myself; been there, done that and don't like having to fight with 300,000 people :( )


Almost 5pm ... going to open a bottle of vino and enjoy these "new" speakers. Highly recommend this setup if you don't have room for "bigger ones," or to compliment your 2-way system with some additional AVR/TV speakers. No match for my KPT-904's with JBL HF section ... but actually, they keep up pretty good :) 


Cheers, Emile


Add-on. Played Beethoven's Fifth, Presto, "Alle Menschen werden Bruder." The vocals and choir is amazing on these :) 

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3 hours ago, carlthess40 said:

Check you PP. also let me know if you ever want to sell the 904’s or the Cornwall’s

Carl, thanks for the money :) No; keeping my 904's, but tempted on the Cornwall's (which I bought new a long time ago) ... send me a PM :) 

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