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2005 Complete Synergy System Perspective


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Hello, I just joined the Klipsch Family and wanted to inquire about a system I purchased back in 2005 to see if any “King’s of Klipsch” (or anyone lol), could help me understand what I have here in terms of value (in case I’d like to sell them), perspective on repurposing them to a smallish room that would just be used for music as well as general feedback on connecting them to a decent receiver:  Marantz SR5015.


I just purchased a new Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2 complete system for my Theater Room that are being installed next Thursday and I can’t wait!!  I’m connecting those with a Marantz SR7015.


 I am a novice at best but really enjoy the final product and hope to get way more involved in the music aspect and have always enjoyed Klipsch for that specific purpose.  Not sure If I should bail on the system below and sell and upgrade to a new Klipsch system.


Thank you for any guidance and I appreciate the threads across this community!


See below




The speakers below have been used very little, in fact the rear speakers are still in the original box and never used.


Center Channel:  

Synergy C3

S/N:  C3SCBK+04150739

Impedance:  8 ohm

Max Input Power:  150 Watt


FloorStander F3:  

Synergy F3

S/N:  F3SFBK+04472965

Impedance: 8 ohz 

Max Input Power:  150 Watt


FloorStander F3:  

Synergy F3

S/N:  F3SFBK+04472885

Impedance: 8 ohz 

Max Input Power:  150 Watt




S/N:  KSW12++04440708



S3 Synergy Surr Blk

**Never used still in the original box

Part:  090495071210

S/N:  S3SSBK+04440171

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The Synergy speakers were entry level, although the ones you have are the top models in the line.


I've seen F3 pairs sell for $150-250.

C3 I've seen sell for around $100

S3 new in box is a little tough, maybe $200-250 for the pair?

KSW-12 subwoofer $100-150.


If you like the dynamic sound of Klipsch, speakers like B&W are quite a bit more 'laid back' in their sound.

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