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Klipsch horn lamp


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Thanks to whoever posted a picture of Paul Klipsch's midrange horn lamp for this inspiration (@dtel maybe?) . I made a set out of some K700 heresy midrange horns. I made one for me and one for my dad for father's day (couldn't post until after since he checks he forum).0b6384634506bc98c11c9cb815d6f1b6.jpgeed6ffbe768a5003a51b2ed77fb3df54.jpgf9b16296f2cf9d12b5294cdfbe84d69e.jpg


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I bought this kit.

Check this out on Amazon
Creative Hobbies Lamp Kit for Liquor Bottles, Wine Bottles - Includes All Adapters and Parts - Black Finish Hardware and Metallic Grey Socket https://a.co/d/2lB5Vxo


It comes with some white rubber spacers that I used inside and on the top of the horn to get the lamp kit to sit right.


The threaded rod that came with the above kit was too short, so I bought longre ones at home depot with some extra nuts. Here's an Amazon kit, but they are cheaper at home depot.

Check this out on Amazon
Lamp Rod,All Thread Lamp Pipe,Lamp Repair Assortment of Hardware,Yellow Zinc Coated, Includes 12"Lamp Pipe Nipples, 24 Washers, 24 Lock Nuts https://a.co/d/amptZg9

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