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Digital Trends/Klipsch


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Size Matters!  Lol.  Whether it be a car or speakers, nothing beats cubic inches.  Perhaps for those who live in tiny homes.  However, for those 1%ers like us, they certainly would not provide the "Wall of Sound" that I am accustomed to.


Feed them to the masses in order to keep the Heritage line alive.


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Lol, yes Klipsch did it for me with their what I would call minimalist speakers such as the RSX line. They already have big sound in a small speaker.

So, they already have an edge.

There must be an advantage to eek out what this association brings. 

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another digital trend are these wooden made smartphone hornspeakers , simple , pretty , effective 


This is a Transmission Line Smartphone Hornspeaker





This is a "TracTrix" Smartphone Hornspeaker




and this is a" K-Horn" Smartphone Hornspeaker 





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13 minutes ago, JohnA said:

Very cool MicroMara,

Where might I find such smart phone speakers? 

Here you can find all shown models , but I don´t know whether this supplier delivers to the states as well , they may have a international distribution network

it´s their german website



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