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Pre/Amp Phase


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Dumb question and I think I know the answer, but would someone please listen to "So What" on Kind of Blue and tell me which toward side Miles tends to be standing? He's been toward the right on my tubed pre/amp set up, but I plugged in a SS amp and he moved to the left. I have an integrated placing him toward the right, so which on side does anyone else have him?


Thanks in advance.

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17 minutes ago, jcn3 said:

I'd check your connections on your separates - sounds like you have L and R switched somewhere.


That was my first thought so I double checked all the connections & they are "properly" connected: R to R and L to L. That's why I asked about others listening to "So What." Perhaps the "new to me" SS amp has its internals reversed. I have not had a SS amp in my system in heaven knows how long. Or perhaps just the amp shifting the soundstage based on its design; it's subtle but very noticeable to me.

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On 6/22/2022 at 3:55 PM, babadono said:

Hmmmm...if you turn the balance all the way left do you only get sound from the left speaker? Same with right?

If I had done that, the answer would have been yes, and produce the same sound.


The amp has an absolutely flat, mechanical slide stereo/mono switch which is  internally mounted with a "window" in the chassis to operate. It was switched to stereo. Lacking any other good ideas, I decided to open the amp and deox'd everything that moved or made contact. When I put it back together, Miles was where he was supposed to be. The logical culprit was a stuck s/m switch since the only other moving parts are the on/off switch & dual gain controls. Subsequent fiddling with the switch confirmed it.


All is well.




IMG_4126 copy.jpg

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