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crossovers ES500 and ES5800

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Hi everybody, this is Stella from Italy. I have 2 Klipsch "LaScala". Surfing the net I found the web site of Al, Alkeng. I tried to buy the following crossovers, ES500 and ES5800, but the time needed is too long and not predictible because he is overloaded so I would like to know if anyone can help me sharing the wiring diagrams of the mentioned crossovers. 
Thanks in advance for the precious help! 

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Now, the inevitable question: Would you give me the schematic diagram and parts list to your designs? The answer is absolutely NOT! I learned the hard way that others will not build my designs to my standards. I do not want the "credit" for networks built in my name that do not measure up. Worse yet are those attributed to me that I did not build. Worst of all are those who think they know more than I do and act to "improve" my designs with extravagant parts or other changes! Experience showed me that even my kit networks, including step by step instructions, were often ruined with the best of intentions. For examples, look at my Question and answers page. DIYers: FORGET IT!

Al Klappenberger.


^ the above from Al. I will not disseminate his info which he worked hard to design. I would hope others would do the same. But I don't believe it is illegal to do so, it is just in bad taste. Those who have Al's netwoks...congrats they're collectors items now:emotion-21:

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Hi Al, thanks for the feedback. It's not my intention to steal your designs, the only purpose is to improve the speakers. Considering that there is no option to purchase the work from you, I am looking for an alternative solution. I would be proud to know that my work is appreciated all over the world, it always depends on the point of view. Leonardo created the Mona Lisa and it is the only and unrepeatable. I don't think he would be offended if anyone reproduced it. There would always be only one Mona Lisa 😉

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Stella, ALK's Extreme Slope Networks (ESN) are an attempt to fix the 'smearing' of sounds near the crossover frequencies of the three drivers in the Klipsch horn loaded speakers. This 'smearing' is due to the different horn lengths that result in sounds arriving at the listener at different times. By severely reducing overlap of the output of the drivers the ESN networks make the speakers sound noticeably clearer but the gross time mis-alignment of drivers and phase are not addressed. To get time alignment and flat phse you need to go to DSP active crossovers.

You have asked for wiring diagrams, does this mean you are handy with a soldering iron and experienced in crossover building ? If so this post
described the process I went through in deriving and building an ALK ESN. At the time, ALK was banned from the Klipsch forums but was still around on stereonet. ALK chimed in and helped me.

I spent nearly $A1500 all up on caps and coils. A few years later after buying a pair of second hand B&C DCX464 drivers I tried active crossovers with miniDSP and Hypex amps, about half the cost of the passive crossover and you get time alignment and phase correction.


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