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H series speakers

Scott Analog

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So I sort of inherited these speakers and I have no idea what they are exactly. I find similar things online, but not exactly these.

They are cool, that's for sure.

Any help as to value, etc. Would be appreciated 

Model HH12

SN 8b06

I have no idea how to add a picture




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whether  the serial no  8b06     is  correct would require a picture   but the B  refers to a  1963-1964 pair of klipsch H   speakers ,..........K-1000 midrange horn and a 12 inch woofer 

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congrats on your speakers. the back panel looks to be in mint condition for 60 year old speakers

H-H-12 stands for Model H - the second H could stand for the veneer of Hard Rock Maple - and the 12 stands for a 12" woofer

my early Model H's ( 1963 ) came with cane grills

would love to see pictures of the front and sides

K-77 tweeter - K-55V midrange - K-22 woofer - Type 4 crossover listed on the large sheet

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