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For Sale: PrimaLuna Premium HP Dialogue Integrated


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For your consideration is a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated amp. Asking $3850 obo. 


I am the second owner. Original owner purchased new from Upscale Audio (verified by receipt and his home address on shipping label on box). This has been a fantastic amp. I’ve owned for just under 2 years. I drove a pair of Klipsch RF-7iis and now Forte IVs with it. Never turned it up past 10-11 o’clock on the volume dial as it was all I needed to get loud. I know people will ask why am I selling? Plain and simple I want to move on to separates. This amp functions fine. Not a t single issue ever. I know some will scoff at the price. But in addition to the 6 original PL 12au7s and 8 EL34s. I will include:


8 x Gold Lion KT77s

4 × RFT ECC82 12AU7

2 x  Brimar CV4003 12AU7 

2 x  Brimar CV4003 12AU7WA 

2 x  1957 TELEFUNKEN ECC82 12AU7

         Ribbed Plate 


        ECC82 - year 1962 

2 x  1964 Amperex Bugle Boy 12AU7

        ECC82 Tube Halo Getter 

2 x  6189W JAN Sylvania 12AU7

4x   6189 W  SYLVANIA 12AU7


I’m located in the Silver Spring MD area. I don’t want to ship this. I’d prefer local pickup after a demo. Original box and accessories included. The remote is missing one of the rubber bands.  C5D39432-223B-428F-9A04-5B7E4DBE267F.thumb.jpeg.726b102dc0ba7da86c3c5d4817895a83.jpeg


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