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Cornwall II tweeter question

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Hi All. I will like to hear suggestions about an issue that I have with an used pair of Cornwall II that I bought.

I have a pair of Chorus II that I like a lot how they sound , they have original crossovers , only replacement are the tweeter that I blowout  them and I replaced them with original Klipsch part K-792/103-TI DIAPH by Klipsch recommendation and they sounds perfect.

Now, my issue is:

The Cornwall II with Crites Crossovers  sound fine but I'm missing the highs that I can definitely hear on the  Chorus. 😞  The  highs don't sounds correct/ loud/ crispy as in the Chorus. I checked the wiring internally and it looks ok , tweeter is connected to the correct terminal and polarity on the crossover. I sent pictures to Crites and they said that at simple view the connections  are correct . 

I was thinking :

- Send the crossovers to Crites to test and certify them 

- I have been trying to find used cornwall II crossovers to test but cant find them online 

- I guess my next valid test will be swap the horn between the Cornwall and chorus only on one speaker and validate if the chorus loose the clarity on the tweeter right ?.


suggestions ?




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Hi Geoff

Correct , Chorus have titanium diaphragms. No idea what have the Cornwall, I swap the tweeters and did a quick test and I did not heard a difference, so i started checking the wiring and Crossover but cant find anything wrong .  I will swap the tweeters  again this weekend and will run a few test and see .  Thanks  

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On 6/29/2022 at 8:05 AM, pepepizarro said:

I sent pictures to Crites and they said that at simple view the connections  are correct . 

Your picture above has many shadows. Take another picture and then compare all the wiring with this photo I borrowed from the Crites website. 



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My guess would be different horns for the tweeter in the Chorus II vs. Cornwall II, as well as Titanium diaphragms vs. Phenolic.  Does Bob Crites sell Titanium diaphragms for the Cornwall II as well?  I would think that replacing the tweeter Phenolics with Titanium will get you as close as possible to the sound of the Chorus II. 

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