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Klipsch Subwoofer driver replacements ?? 12 inch


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Hello everyone I`m new to the forum I got a Klipsch 5.0.2 Home Theater System and I love it. I have a custom 15 inch sub as of now however I want build a custom box with DUAL 12 inch Klipsch Subwoofers to match my mains and Center. My  question is where do i find the Raw driver or Replacement driver who sell these and where do I find the speaker specs I want to make sure I have the correct size cabinet for the subs ...................Thanks for the help !!!

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3 hours ago, Gbal4 said:

nobody knows where to get replacement drivers for klipsch woofers ? Just want to match the copper color with my towers

you're better off buying used klipsch subs rather than building a pair -or even buyinf a new set on Promo

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I do this routine a lot, so here's my suggestion~


Search ebay for your chosen driver by its original model name, R-12SW for example, and either buy a bare driver or one in a cabinet with a blown amp.


Look up your T-S parameters here http://www.loudspeakerdatabase.com/ and use https://speakerboxlite.com/manufacturers/shared to get in the ballpark with cabinet dimensions.


There are other tools available for project as well, but these are quick and dirty and quite close enough!!


OR!!! Buy a Klipsch cabinet and go the other direction . . . replace the driver with something similar from the aftermarket. Dayton/Parts express has a ton of good stuff. I just finished a pair of R-100SW for a bedroom system using the last two Peerless by Tymphany SDF-250F75PRO1-06 on the planet (for the for-seeable future, at least) and they absolutely ROCK!!


These were bare cabinets and I just blocked off the amp hole with a bit of aluminum diamond plate. That amp is an old LF-10 unit but they're being powered in the bedroom with a Carver M-1.5t


Good luck, have fun, and I hope this is helpful 😊




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May as well throw in this photo for grins. 😆


These are Def-Tech 10/10 IW subs in some steam-punk cabinets that aren't quite finished but I'm impatient so they're in use already 🤣


They shake everything off the shelves in the adjacent room so I have to keep them constrained 😂




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No problem and happy to help 😊


Yeah, old Carver A-500x. I have a ton of old Carver, Outlaw and Adcom stuff along with the Klipsch stuff. Too much!!  I figured out one day that if I hooked them all together I'd have a 15,000 watt amp 😆🤣


I'm also working on a set of Not-your-Average Heresys with built-in powered subs and 80s vintage drivers and crossovers but those seem to always take back seat to an old Shovelhead chopper I'm building. Too many projects, too little time. ☹️


I'd do a build thread on what's gone into those Def-Techs but this is, after all, a Klipsch forum 🤣

I'll definitely do one on the Heresys though.


Good luck with your project!! 

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