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Klipsch KG 5.5 Medium Oak floor speakers for sale - great condition


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SALE PENDING.  But we have a pair of fantastic classic Klipsch  KG 5.5 floor speakers - color Medium Oak, with "signed" manufacturers sticker. They're Heavy- would prefer selling them within driving distance from St. Paul, MINNESOTA. Not sure what to charge.  I'd let them go for $450 plus shipping$ if sent.  Price is negotiable. I want to find them a good next home with someone who cared about audio quality like I do. 







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forgot to say where are selling from
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Speaker pics should always include shots of the sides and tops imho. I think these are underrated speakers in the Klipsch line.  I had a pair just like them I ended up giving to my father in law.  They are a lot of speaker for less than $500, especially these days. GLWYS. 

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I am very interested in these speakers because I used to own a pair, but sold them to a friend many years ago.  The Klipsch KG 5.5 speakers are phenomenal!  If the sale falls trough please let me know because I will buy them and I live in Forest Lake, MN

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