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Klipsch Palladium P38F How do I connect these??


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5 hours ago, wuzzzer said:


If you look closely at the pics you can see the outline of a K.


Your eyes must be better than mine, or we’re not looking at the same picture.  I don’t see the K at all in the closeup.

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3 hours ago, jjptkd said:

I can't see it on my laptop it's also missing the "V" under the "lipsch."





I wouldn't get hung up on the missing K or the V underneath.  The one thing where Klipsch really cheaped out on the Palladiums was the badges.  The were just metal stickers and were easily snagged and pulled up by dusting clothes, etc.  It's not surprising to see individual letters or the V underneath missing.  The badging looks genuine. 


It looks like whoever owned these removed the input cups to replace the binding post with this fused connector. No idea what the button would be for.  Not sure I'd trust speakers modified this way. 

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15 hours ago, c1n3ma said:

Upstate NY it’s a 5 hour drive

GO   GET EM  ..........Upstate NY   5 hour drive     let's see   , Buffalo  to Westchester......or heading north ,,,,  Albany ... Canada 





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