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Fair value for 1974 Cornwall pair

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As noted in a previous post, the estate for a deceased friend has asked if I would like to purchase his 1974 pair of Cornwall speakers. Questions for the day are what is a fair price? Physically the speakers are in good condition with a few minor “dings” around the perimeter. Over the years, cats may have used the grills to scratch or pee on. Second question is are factory spare or upgraded parts readily available?

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Yes, sort of a semi-delicate situation having to put a price on speakers your self. Maybe a couple of pics will help.

Guess you are interested in buying them. They may be stock speakers then with some damage. With animals, could have involved the woofers to some degree with urine. A ballpark figure sight unseen may be $500-$1000 for the pair. @Keyboardmaster... welcome.

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