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Cornscala B type Need Help


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Suggestions and Answers please: I have recently inherited a set of ALK engineering ALK AP12-500 & ES5800. I would like to put them to good use and use them in a new set of Crites Cornscala B type minus Crites crossovers. Will the ALK networks be compatible with the speakers provided by Crites in the CS type B?  And or: is there a better speaker/driver selection for said Cornscalas?  Thanks for reading and your time. 

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I just did a google for ALK AP12-500 and it looks like you are good to go. 


The crossovers were designed for Klipsch speakers and Crites woofers are spec’d to the same values needed.


One bonus about the AP12-500 is that the midrange level is easily adjustable because the autoformer has a swamping resistor. This also allows you to use a squawker with a different impedance down the road, if you choose.


The ES5800 is good for what you have as well.


Your new networks are indeed compatible. 


Congratulations on your score!


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