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Single 1982 Heresy in Connecticut --- SOLD ....... sort of


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Revised 8/27/22 : The Living Room needs to get painted etc, so how about PM'ing me. Remember the "when and how" in your offer. Thanks, -Tom


I have a single Heresy Cabinet for sale in SE Connecticut. I am near the casinos and about 1 hour from Providence RI, New Haven CT, Hartford CT and within 2 hours of Boston MA and NYC.  


The price is now reduced to $125 (Aug 27th)



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First we have some detective work to perform.  The cabinet is 40 years old and I have had it for about the last ten years. The Code ( "X" ) indicates it was made in 1982. The label shows that it is "HBR" which codes as: Heresy Birch Raw". 

As can be seen at some point in its life it had a coat of stain applied and a slanted riser was fabricated. I was not involved and can't speak to the details, but these were typical modifications. 


What can also be seen is that input binding posts were added. I did this and it was nothing special. Wait, I meant to say that this mod "really opened up the sound and removed the veil and took it to the next level" (pick two of the three).



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The grille frame and cloth are original. The picture in the original post shows the grille has some dirt (fixable) and some wear (not easily fixable). However there are no tears or snags. The badge looks fine but needs to be re-glued to the frame (I loosely put it there for the photo). In all fairness, the grille has a slight warp in it, but it is not a big deal and I never lost any sleep over it.




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Let's get back to our detective work and I will also mention the crossovers. 


The crossovers are original, I simply replaced the capacitors with newer ones (Solen Polyprop) and then got a bit fancy and bypassed them (small cap in parallel) with some Dayton film/foils. This was helpful and seemed to provide a bit more energy to the highs. Wait, did I say that? ...... I meant to say that this mod "really opened up the sound and removed the veil and took it to the next level" (pick two of the three).


All drivers, horns and woofer are original. Everything works, I verified that this morning with some tone sweeps. 


Let's see some photos of the inside.


First I need to outline some history. In the early 1980s, the Heresy was evolving from the original series (called the Heresy) to the next generation (called the Heresy 2). There was a transition period usually thought of as around 1983-1984 where cabinets came out with features from both (original and the 2) These are sometimes called "1.5" cabinets. Well, folks this transition actually began in 1982 and my cabinet demonstrates this. 


Let's take a peek.


FIrst, we see that the tweeter (K-77M) and the Woofer (K-22) are like the original Heresy. However the Mid driver is not a K-55 rather it is a K-53K driver. The Horn seems to be the K-701. So the midrange is like the Heresy 2. It looks like it took them a while clear out the parts bin.


The humorous thing is the crossover. The board is labeled as the type E (used in the original Heresy and only having 2 caps). However, when I examined it (prior to replacing the caps) the crossover had been stuffed as a type E2 (three capacitors). They had updated the crossover, but used an "available" network board. Again, it seems whatever was in the parts bin. This cabinet is true to what was originally shipped and has a three capacitor E2 network (with refreshed caps).










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Okay now we are done with the history lesson about "model 1.5" cabinets. It was only meant as background  and meant so folks will understand that the configuration  of drivers is what actually came from the factory. It is not an invitation to chit chat about the different models of the Heresy. Please remember that this is a "Garage Sale" thread and respect this as a classified ad. 


Let me show a series of photos that honestly show the cosmetic condition of the cabinets.

Immediately blow is the worst of the wear and tear. You are looking at the bottom of the cabinet (and mostly hidden by the slant riser). Yes, a section of the ply is missing. The four small screw holes hold the cabinet to the riser and prevent it from sliding back (the riser is slanted). Importantly, the holes are only about 1/8 inch deep. They do not penetrate to the inside of the cabinet.


BTW, in the photos the cabinet is loosely placed on the riser. Unfortunately I did not square it up prior to the photos. So things look askew. That is not what it will look like normally. 














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So for the big questions..... Let me give the answers and I will let you figure out what the question would have been. 


1. Cash only (even if your Grandmother will vouch for you)

2. No trades (I have everything I need)

3. Shipping is probably not an option. I want you to hear and see these in person. You need to decide whether the blemishes are livable or fixable. Besides shipping would put these at a price point that does not make sense. 

4. Yes, these make an excellent center channel of a reasonable size (for either music or Home theater)


They weigh 44 lbs and measure 15.5 wide 21.3 tall and 13.3 deep


If you are interested, then please PM me with the following 1) When and how you will audition them, 2) When and How you will pay for them, and 3) When and How you will get them from my house to their new home.  I work from home so my schedule is flexible. 


Thanks for looking,


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22 minutes ago, PrestonTom said:

On August 27th

I have now reduced the price to just $125.

I know .... I have gone insane.

Damn, it's almost worth a drive to the East Coast from Detroit! Went to Connecticut once to get a pair of Chorus II's for $350, but that was about 17 years ago. Maybe an NYC photo show next month will also let me do the extra 2 hours drive, but I doubt it will last that long.

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  • PrestonTom changed the title to Single 1982 Heresy in Connecticut --- SOLD ....... sort of

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