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Polk Monitor 10A's in Connecticut --- "make an offer"


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Revised 7/30/22 : The Living Room needs to get painted etc, so how about PM'ing me with a reasonable offer. Remember the "when and how" in your offer. Thanks, -Tom


For sale is a pair of Polk Monitor 10A's

These are located in SE Connecticut. I am near the casinos and about 1 hour from Providence RI, New Haven CT, Hartford CT and within 2 hours of Boston MA and NYC.  I am in no hurry to sell and my asking price is $200. I will include the maple stands also. There will be a parallel sale on Craigslist, but with a price that is 10-20% higher. 


The Polk Monitor 10A's were manufactured in the early - mid 1980s. They retailed for about $600 and were considered a very good value at that price point.  They measure 16 wide x 28 tall x 11 deep and weigh a little over 50lbs. The stated response is 37Hz to 25 kHz (+/- 3 dB). Near a corner they get down to 22 Hz (so the specs claim).  They are 8 Ohm and 89 dB efficiency. These are not candidates for small tube amps.


I find the sound to be smooth and refined. They  do not have the "in the face" dynamics of a horn loaded speaker. Some may find them too laid back. For others, they may like the smooth presentation. There is ample bass. These, I believe, have the peerless tweeter. In addition to the tweeter are a pair of 6.5 inch cones. The bottom "driver" is a 9.5 inch passive radiator. 


I have owned them for several years and used them as "Ambience Speakers" to augment my stereo listening (music). I ran frequency sweeps this morning and all drivers are working. 













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So for the usual questions..... Let me give the answers and I will let you figure out what the question would have been. 


1. Cash only (even if your Grandmother will vouch for you)

2. No trades (I have everything I need)

3. Shipping is probably not an option. I want you to hear and see these in person. You need to decide whether the blemishes are livable or fixable. Besides shipping would put these at a price point that does not make sense. 

4. Check the eBay prices. These are a deal ! (especially since all the drivers are in good working order)


If you are interested, then please PM me with the following 1) When and how you will audition them, 2) When and How you will pay for them, and 3) When and How you will get them from my house to their new home.  I work from home so my schedule is flexible. 


Thanks for looking,


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The Polk SDA's were a fun speaker, although  they were much larger and over three times the cost.

All that was many years ago. For me it was a bit of nostalgia (when I was a student my advisor had the Polk Monitor 10's)

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I am original owner of a pair of Monitor 10s  circa 1977.    Still work and sound great = mine are walnut veneer -   I have the original Polk Audio stands.    I powered mine with a Hafler DH-200 and similar pre amp.     To augment these I also have a pair of LF-14 subwoofers which are Monitor 10 cabinets minus the tweeters.    I will watch this as I have been thinking of unloading these - as I have 5 Cornwall 1s  circa 1982 - 84 that I now use.   


GLWS ...    

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On 7/12/2022 at 2:54 PM, PrestonTom said:

For sale is a pair of Polk Monitor 10A's

These are located in SE Connecticut... I am no hurry to sell and my asking price is $200.

Good deal for someone within reasonable driving distance. 

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My early Polk 10 Monitors were picked up at the factory in Baltimore MD which was a small warehouse leased by Matthew Polk, a physicist working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab  ---  he was a great guy - very personable - thorough in his approach and very detailed oriented.   Someone is missing out on superior speakers that can not be touched for this kind of money.   The top audio critics back in that day had these speakers on their recommended list.   Buy with confidence !

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