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R51-PM Aux Port Issue


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I knew before i purchased my pair of R51-PM that when I turned them off it would not pause the player (Qobuz) on my Samsung A8 tablet, when connected via AUX port. HOWEVER, what I also noticed is that if I pause the player on my tablet and turn off the screen, even with the speakers ON the tablet won't send the signal to the speakers anymore next time I wake up the tablet, and music will play only on the tablet speakers instead. So every time I pause the music, let's say, to go sleep, and the screen turns off automatically, I will need to unplug the 3.5mm cable and plug back in when I want to listen to music, so the tablet "recognizes" the speakers again. Is there any way to resolve this? It's extremely annoying. Any $34,99 speakers automatically communicates with the source of audio when any of them are turned on, so this is a little bit disappointing.

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I'm not too sure on a direct fix with this - but I wonder if an aux switch would work? My idea is that it would trick the speakers controller into thinking there is no disconnection whatsoever since the aux switch is independently powered and has an on/off switch. 

R51M's connected to an aux switch connected to your tablet/devices. In theory, even if your tablet screen turns off there should still be a constant connection from the tablet to the aux switch to your speakers.

It's a $15 to $20 investment to try it - most likely a returnable item if it doesn't work.

I don't have these exact speakers, but I could see that becoming an annoyance.

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