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Cherry Freestanding Tweeters

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2 hours ago, Khornukopia said:


Yes, I had also read that. Just curious about more details, if Dave felt like sharing more.

It is the end of the rod stock that is showing. When I mention "z" level that is the depth that was set wrong so the cut went through instead of only being 1.375" deep. A boo-boo in other words and to make it uniform I cut both the same. Here is one cut right.




 Say I know you like fancy wood and here is another Ambrosia Curly set.






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On 8/1/2022 at 1:36 PM, Racer X said:

Proud recent recipient of a pair of Dave A's Walnut LMAHL freestanding tweeter horns for my DE-120's, and just blown away by the improvement to my sound.

Good to read about your satisfaction. What speakers are they on?

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Heresy, kind of.  This forum has "ruined" my Heresy 1.5.  Inspired by Crites CS, and others who have plopped larger horns on top of Cornwalls, I found a slightly used JBL D405 driver on 2380 copy horn along with the DE-120 drivers on the Crites tweeter horn.


First time I've just changed just the horns and not the drivers, and amazed at difference as Dave A predicted.  Just looking at them, the beautiful elliptical wood tweeter horns apparently do a much better job at controlling the dispersion, polars than the plastic Crites tweeter horn with simple horizontal flare.  Besides a much nicer presentation of the high end, my stereo image is now firm and well planted and apparent from any spot in my 20 x 20 ft room.




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