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Got ARC?


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I’ve noticed in my meanderings, that eARC/ARC is the subject of some negative press.  This is from both the end consumer and some OEM audio equipment designers/manufacturers.


Why would you be interested in eARC/ARC?  In my case, I have an Oppo BDP-103 in my HT, which handles all video including streaming from Netflix.  The Oppo is connected by means of 4K HDMI to a 4K Sony XBR55A8H.  The Sony TV is “smarter” than the Oppo, in that it can use many more streaming apps than what was available when the Oppo was built.  Hence, the Sony makes for a better streaming video manager, all things considered.


The question is, how do you perform the ever-important HDMI/DAC function in order to use your favourite amp(s) and Klipsch speakers?  This is where eARC/ARC comes in.  The Sony supports eARC output and the Oppo supports ARC input.  In a strange set of nomenclature, the Oppo calls this HDMI – ARC 1 Output as the physical connection on the back at HDMI 1 Out is referred to in the input menu.  Indeed, the physical connect is to HDMI OUT 1 but it just seems on the menu, Oppo could have labeled it as an input. Sony TV has to be set to external speakers on the eARC channel.


Once configured, Sony HDMI channel 3 eARC to Oppo HDMI – ARC 1 Output, onwards to my 3 x Luxman R-117, voila I have the best of all worlds.  Sony smarts, Oppo HDMI/DAC and Luxman amps.


So, if you have wondered is eARC/ARC possible, yes at least in my setup.

Does it sound good?  Yes, at least in my setup and to my ears … no measurement equipment involved in this test.

 I'm working on enabling at least 5 streaming services within our family and look forward to exercising 4 x Modified Klipch Heresy, 1 x Klipsch RC-7 and 2 x Velodyne DD10, all while watching 4K or near 4K content upscale/original content.

Best of luck if you want to use this type of setup, it did take some trial and error and lots of reading in the manuals.

Fell free to offer your experiences! 

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