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ACA Mini kit


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16 minutes ago, geezin' said:

Could a rank amateur assemble that?

If you can follow directions and solder you should have no problems. Soldering is like welding, actually is welding, heat the parts enough to melt the solder and not the other way around. Check each and every component with a cheap parts tester before putting it on the board. No satisfaction like building your own. Guaranteed to have a big smile when finished.   

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12 hours ago, henry4841 said:

Soldering is like welding, actually is welding,

No it is not actually, like...ok.

Sorry don't mean to offend, but do not want any noobs to go away with "soldering is welding". It is not.

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11 hours ago, CWOReilly said:

Ordered one today thanks to this post. $138 with shipping. Thanks @henry4841 for the heads up! I wanted one months ago!

I think it was Captainbeefheart that really favored this mini over the regular ACA. At least the design. No matter what one thinks of Captain he really did seem to know his stuff. If one really wants to know what all the fuss about Class A is about this $125 project is as cheap as I have ever heard of building a class A SS amplifier. Something constructive to do in ones spare time along with the kids as well. 

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