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Klipsch Forte III Distressed Oak with light colored grills - SALE PENDING


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$2500 for the pair.  Pickup in Texarkana,TX.  Have all original boxes and packing material but not offering shipping.  Come to Hope, tour the museum, make the 30 minute drive to Texarkana and take home some excellent speakers.  Speakers are consecutive serial numbers and are as close to being new as I can imagine.  No chips, dings, grill flaws or any other damage.  One picture appears smudged but that is on the camera. They are as new.   Guessing they have 75-100 hours of use.  Driven by a little Yamaha CR420.  I purchased these in late March at the KMAH auction in Hope.  I purchased these and a set of walnut RP5000F.  I figured my wife would want the smaller 5000's in the house.  I used them for about a week and enjoyed them but then moved the Forte's in.  Didn't take long to agree that the Forte's sounded much better and she really liked the combination of the distressed wood and light colored grills.  Things were great and then a new piece of furniture was purchased.  The forte's fit but with only an inch between speakers and walls as well as the new cabinet.  I ended up purchasing some "pretty" speakers that are only 9" wide and better fit our space.  Still have k'horns in my shop so I hope that keeps me a member in good standing on the forum.  As stated, these are in "as new" condition.  The boxes were opened at the auction, Roy and I packed them up after the auction. They were unpacked and put in place at my house and then moved into a bedroom last week.  I didn't try to take detailed pictures simply because I didn't want to move them.  Seems like any time I have damaged a speaker is when they are being moved so I've limited doing that.   Offering them here first before trying other outlets.  These really are great sounding speakers and a good buy.  






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Pending sale
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22 minutes ago, levrac13 said:

Thanks for the positive comments.  I didn't mention how good they sound but these newer version Forte's are really, really good.  I've tried to price them fairly so they can find a good home.  

Beautiful speakers at a good price if these were close to me I think I'd give them a shot as happy as I am with my own speaker collection I find myself growing more and more curious as to these newest offerings. Good luck with your sale!

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