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Future of the Klipschorn


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8 hours ago, Coytee said:


I'd say that the UJ directly punches you in the chest with a direct hit (if appropriate power applied).  The Khorn punches the back of the room, the punch surrounds you and instead of being a punch in the chest, is an assault on the entire body BUT, not as violent as the direct punch in the chest.  


Meaning, since it (Khorn) pressurizes the room via the corner, the bottom end is more spread out.  You can feel it but it might not be as directional as the Jubilee.


When I was once working in basement (a story I've told several times) the Jubilee's were upstairs pretty loud so I could hear them.  Disks changed and the next disk was MUCH hotter than first, the volume skyrocketed.  I raced up to turn things town, lest I blow something.  


The energy was direct and very visceral as each drumbeat was coming directly at me.  With the Khorns, that energy would have been diffused through the room, less focused so not as directly impactful as the direct hit.


Don't know if any of that made much sense, but it's what came to mind on how to describe it.

Thank you so much Coytee, your description is similar to what I envision. If I ask you directly, do you like how the KHorn sounds or sounded in your room?

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15 hours ago, Islander said:

All of the La Scala IIs are made of MDF, with the exception of one prototype pair built of plywood.  They were sold to a Forum member, after listening tests confirmed that the MDF models produced a preferred/better sound.


 Who determined this and when did this happen? All of these threads / debates over which sounds better or why Klipsch moved from ply to MDF and this has never been brought up at least not that I'm aware of.

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CW  and Heresy were  MDF by  1985 but  the transition of using MDF  and Wood  in a speaker   started  in the early 80's -

the Lascala  II   was MDF in  2006  , since it  featured  fine veneers  -

the khorn has used MDF for at least 20 years  since it was available with  fine veneers    prior to the  LS II   .

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