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Sold - Crites Type B crossovers (modified)


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I acquired these crossovers in a set of custom built speakers. The builder modified the crossovers to allow for biamping and biwiring. He also modified the connections to the autotransformer taps to be adjustable. I am offering these cheap since they are so modified. $100 plus shipping.afd911b661809121f9de72bf20d3ea35.jpg1919c4fb3cc49db5307d656540ff53f7.jpg54261dfb9f19954dd63bc8157357c816.jpg


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Free plug here...


I don’t think you could buy the Crites (read better) version of the T2A autoformer on these boards for the cost of these. And you get the  Crites (read better) version of the ubiquitous 2.5 mH coil, a couple of fine caps, the barrier strips, boards and wires with connectors already crimped!


These boards are one one 13uF cap per board away from an A crossover. One cap and a coil away from an A/4500. Two caps and a coil away from an AA. For starters!


Three months ago I would have tripped over my phone to snag these.



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