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La Scala Splits


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2 hours ago, chassell said:

I thought so, too. The aluminum SMAHL definitely does. I picked up a can of "chrome" colored rattlecan paint to test. It doesn't look like chrome, but it does look like the original color of the corner bumpers @OO1 mentioned above so I used it to paint the ones on mine...they're not going to be be touring anymore so paint is fine, looks great and is waaay cheaper than nickel plating. I ended up doing my horns flat black and am quite happy with that.

Mine will not be touring, but are no where near their final home and will be used indoors and outdoors when they get there. I hadn’t considered ‘bama chrome paint though. Thanks!

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Many ways to go about it. Always fun to experiment. The trim I had for an HIP was beat to heck so I buffed it out with a wheel and finished off with scotchbrite. Didn't go crazy, just clean up 80-85%ish. If you do polish, wear a mask as it is not good to breath in the anodized dust. My LSi splits only get used in my warehouse or outdoors, so I never touched them. Not beat up but not exactly pretty either.





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