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What are your favorite vintage SS amps?


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What to say?

To me and my friend it sounds significantly better than Crown d45/75 and a bit better than the MC2. More spacious, soundstage depth, width. Better instrument timbre and much better separation of details. More nuanced. 

I wish it was not $500 because I'd be a lot happier if it was $150, like the Crowns! But that's what it is. 

For the $150 the Crowns are decent though, better than nothin'.

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Not sure if it quite qualifies as vintage yet....


But, I am quite happy with the sound of the Carver TFM-35X. A couple things about it. It sounds a lot like a 1965 tube amp would sound if the tube amp had 300Watts. Second, it has a reasonable price that reflects a well made, nicely functioning amp. There's no "super premium $$$" added for a titanium 1" face plate, or unobtanium used for special wire inside. Bob don't need no nonsense, he let's his genius out in the circuits of very rational products. I like that aspect of it.



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