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Fives issues with HDMI


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I was notified that indeed tech support is aware of the issue when you have you TV hooked up via HDMI and it is supposed to turn on your speakers. IF (and only IF) you decide to use the Klipsch Connect app it screws things up. For example I fire up my TV, and sure, the Fives go on. I can open up the Klipsch Connect app, which I always have to do to enact the EQ which I need to have the midrange not sound muffled. I back off the Midrange -4, up the high frequencies all the way and leave the Subwoofer at 0db. Sounds superb. 

Here's the rub. When I turn the system OFF. Then when I go to turn it back on not only is the EQ setting NOT retained (sure hope they fix this one keeping in ROM or something in the Fives) but when the TV is on there is NO sound and no matter what you do setting wise you can no longer get sound from the Fives off the TV. While their email to me said this, I figured it out on my own, like a reboot of a computer. I pulled the power plug OUT and waited, then plugging it back in. Fired up the TV once again, the speakers went on an Voila' I had sound once again. Sadly once again NO EQ applied (darn it wish it would stay so I didn't have to go into the app again and again causing this loss of sound upon turning the TV on next time). Tech support emailed me they are aware of the sound not coming on when the TV is turned on after you've used the App. Sure hope they fix not only that but the EQ staying in place upon firing up one's TV. That would make this perfect.

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