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D.O.S. Modules - rarely seen, but pretty keen.....


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In the process of restoring my decorator series 1977's Heresy's - and this morning, sanding off some of the black paint that *very well may* be original from the factory......here is why I say it may be factory original:  I just removed the quarter size support and isolation feet (brand name:  Domes of Silence) - D.O.S. modules I'm going to call them - and the black paint is found underneath those as well.  I figure, if someone painted these Heresy's after the fact - they would probably not have removed those - but who knows, perhaps they, like me, were thorough.


Anyway - the funny part is that 3 of the 6 D.O.S. modules (each speaker has 3 in a triangular pattern) have very snazzy and detailed Branding info stamped on the *inside* of them - and it occurred to me that no one aside from the Klipsch factory worker who originally installed them would really ever see that branding.  Not sure why some of them have the branding and some do not.


I plan  to reinstall them after painting is completed.......they've worked for 45 years........I feel pretty confident they'll work for another 45.


Domes 1.jpg

Domes 2.jpg

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My La Scalas have what I call "metal button feet", but that's exactly what they look like from the outside.  Between them and the flat bottoms of the Scalas, they're really easy to slide around on the carpet.  I wish the LS2s had the same arrangement.  With their open-bottomed risers, the LS2s sink right into the carpet, so it's a 2-man job to reposition them.

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7 hours ago, Marvel said:

I think the second from left one is actually 7/8. Easy to mistake the 7 as a 1. There is no serif on the 7. A better scan would help.

Yep, I think that's correct......the 7 is not clear at all.  Anyway, very cool bit of Early Americana there.

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