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Sub or subs for CWIV?


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Thanks very much for the reply, but happily as I just found out, with the La Scala's the best subwoofer is NO subwoofer. They do have bass. It's a delicate slightly detailed pleasing bass when set up properly. I have been experimenting for over two weeks now and today I changed out my old 150 watt AB amplifier for a 6 watt tube Amp and moved the Lascalas about one feet from the back and side walls, and they really lit-up with an effortlessly, liquid sound. I was disappointed when first receiving them but they seem to now be living up to their hype. I know a sub, like what you have would. sound great but for now Im happy with the low end they put out and may reconsider attaching any sub. 

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On 9/4/2022 at 12:14 PM, Klipschtastic said:

So I’m in the market for a sub or a pair of them if need be. Yesterday I dusted off my old Velodyne 12” sub and tried it out with my Cornwalls. It really does help fill out the bottom end and it seems to help the entire soundstage. I don’t have much experience with subs but this one seems to do a pretty good job. The only problem is it goes into protection mode pretty easily, especially with anything bass heavy. 
So what sub or subs do you recommend for music?  I do watch movies in 2.1 with it but music is top priority. If I use two subs can they be smaller?  Like dual 10” instead of one 15 or 18”?  Btw this set up is in my living room which is open to the dining room and kitchen so it’s a largish space. Like 4500 cubic feet. 






There very well may be a new 20Hz subwoofer coming soon from klipsch if the tea leaves are to be believed... I would wait if I were you.

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