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76’ La Scala’s $2,300


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I bought these to listen to while refreshing a pair of La Scala splits. These are the screw top version, which means the tops are removable to access the tweeter, squawker and crossover. They have a new DaveA Mahl lens with the B&C DE-120 tweeter. The mid driver is the K-55v push pin. I am guessing the woofer is a K-33. I didn’t want to open them up to check. The crossovers were rebuilt by DaveA using genuine Klipsch JEM capacitors. I repainted them with Exohyde professional paint. They turned out really nice. These La Scala’s are in excellent condition sonically and very good condition physically. I would really like to keep these, but my splits will be in my primary listening area and these will just sit and gather dust. PM me if your interested. I can take plenty more photos, but would rather send via text or email. Local pickup in southern Indiana. $2,300


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3 hours ago, Dr Morbius said:

Hi, I’d like to see a few more pictures, twin6steve@aol.com is my email and I’m in Indiana also,  which helps with no shipping costs. And also are the tweeters B&C DE-20 ? Just wondered since I saw DE-120 instead of DE-20.



DE-120. Sorry I mistyped. 

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  • nickyboy6100 changed the title to 76’ La Scala’s $2,300

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