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German Heresy Project


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Friend of mine has finished his Heresy 1 refurbishment project


Custom & design mod of a Klipsch Heresy 1 with original parts and matching risers.

- Original cabinet (1979, spackled, sanded, veneered & painted).
- original drivers (repurchased) K-77M, K53V and K22E
- Crossover components original (cable upgrade)
- Klipsch terminals

Technical modifications:
- Outsourced crossover
- Completely new cabling (crossover and speakers)
- Damping of the rear panel to reduce standing waves
- Klipsch cable terminals installed
- Complicated crossover conversion to be able to attach crossover to cabinet like this

Optical modifications:
- veneered with birdseye maple black
- Turnout components on transparent plexiglass instead of wooden board
- Div. switch components, - screws and cabinet screws painted in Klipsch copper
- Red clamp of the terminals painted in Klipsch copper
- Logos 3D printed, sanded and multi-painted (copper & black)
- Riser painted in copper & black
- Cabinet treated with 3 coats of matte elastic clear lacque








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2 hours ago, jcn3 said:


based on the pic of the label on the back, they have always been decorator models.


1 hour ago, MicroMara said:

see what @jcn3 wrote , that´s true !


You´re right, lazy me, should have looked at them labels first, thanks!  If the owner is looking for a name to his project, how about "Back in Black"  😄

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1 hour ago, OO1 said:

damn shame to paint over Birds Eye Maple , although it has the visual effect , the badge is  really cool ,and  the risers frontal color ....ouch , 


Ouch?  Apparently your personal preferences aren't the same as his.  I think they look darn good.  


Great job!

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