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Plugging Speaker Ports

Peter P.

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Reading the thread about plugging ports made me wonder; would it be worth it for someone to offer aftermarket plugs for various speakers?

I'm talking something that LOOKS halfway decent particularly if the port is front-facing.


I mean; you could stuff the port with your mother-in-law's cooking, but that would only work until you wanted to revert to a ported speaker,

of until the dog found it.

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They can make sense with a rear ported center channel speaker that is shoved against a wall or entertainment stand. 

A big misconception is that they turn a bass reflex speaker into an acoustic suspension one. Not so. 


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There was an article I read a few years ago about plugging the ports on JBL L100s or 4311s. I tries it for a while but took them out. I used plumbers pipe plugs... definitely makes a tight seal. Ugly, though, but I always have the grills on... I finally decided I couldn't really tell a difference and didn't want to risk damaging the JBL woofers, so I took them out.



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