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FS: Nelson Pass Amp camp H2 Integrated Amp


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This amp was an experimental project I decided to try because I had a majority of the parts already and thought it was a cool concept. Sure enough, the amp REALLY surprised me in sound, detail, and look. 

I present, the Amp Camp Integrated H2!!


- the preamp section consists of Nelson Pass’ H2 harmonic generator powered by a 12V triad wall wart. This device adds 8db of gain and 2nd harmonic distortion that gives you that tube-like sound and it IS adjustable. This device is located inside the amp chassis with a 50k alps blue RK27 potentiometer and switch to change to one of two inputs. 

The amp section consists of 2 upgraded Pass Amp Camp boards with Tungstenaudio’s modifications. The two boards are powered by an external PSU with torroidal transformer and CRC PSU. 

I have been using it on VERY efficient fostex horned speakers and I can only hear a faint hum with my ear right up to the speaker. 

You are welcome to use your own preamp on input 1 or 2 and adjust the volume to work with your preamp loudness level and the H2 would still be in the chain adding the tubelike sound/distortion. 

Any questions, just ask. Shipping from Houston and asking $600 and I’ll ship for free.  I will even through in Mark Johnson’s SMPS filter for the wall wart to clean up the H2 power signal. 








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