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Which center to get to pair with my pair of RF-62 II?


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Hi all,


I own a pair of RF-62 II and miss center sound stage when watching movies. Last time I attached even a tiny center from some brand I don't remember, it made huge positive difference.


I can buy a used RC-62 II for $250 (may haggle down to $200), or I can get new RP-600C II  for $550, or either of RP-400C II, RP-404C II, or RP-500C for $450. I am in Northern Europe and the prices should have something like 5% error margin due to currency conversion.


I don't know enough to choose between my options and also how, say, if I chose a smaller center, it would go with my floorstanding speakers. I see some of my options are Premiere series, is that worth it?


I can spend the $550 for a center, but not sure I'll be hearing the difference? Right now the sound quality of specifically speech in movies can be classified as "default" :)


Love the stereo speakers for music though, don't get me wrong. Maybe the Sony STR-DN1080 that's powering the home theater, struggles with mixing down Dolby/DTS, I don't know. Like I said, adding a center, even a tiny one, made huge positive difference.


My room is 5,5m by 4m, normal floor height, speakers placed along the longer wall and my listening levels are quiet to moderate to high, but not high enough and not often enough to bother neighbours in the block. I can't say I  stress either the receiver or the floorstanding speakers.

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