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new crossovers


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15 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:

One time I removed the capacitors from one board and measured ESR at frequencies of interest. What I mean is testing the 2uF caps in my AA networks for ESR at 100Hz is not useful information. The 13uF I would test 500Hz through 20kHz. The 2uF caps I would test ESR from 5kHz through 20kHz. Comparing the ESR to what the impedance/reactance of these components are between these frequencies will tell you if losses are acceptable or not.


This is very interesting (to me). Would you please explain what equipment is required to take such measurements and how one would go about it?


If you're willing to do that, and if this is deemed inappropriate for this thread, please either send me a PM or start a new thread.

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hi all;

i bought a pair of 1975 Cornwall decorators and love the sound. i have been reading about the recommendations of upgrading the capacitors. When i opened up the boxes to peak at the existing they don't really look like most pictures i have seen of the caps from mid 70's.


do the ones pictured look stock?


cornwal crossover.jpg

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They look original to me. Klipsch used a lot of different brands over the years.


You should consider updating them to the Type B2. It just involves a single capacitor change out, adding a coil to the tweeter leg, and flipping polarity on the midrange - but you also said you like how they sound, so ...

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