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How to hook up Quartets to a TV Question - Please Help

Judy P

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The TV itself cannot run passive speakers like the Quartet.  You will need a receiver to power the speakers.  To get the TV sound to the receiver, there are a few options depending on the features of the TV and receiver.  Most modern TVs and receivers will support an HDMI connection with Audio Return Channel (ARC) support.  If the receiver is older but still has optical digital inputs, many TVs still have an optical digital output that can be hooked up that way.  For very old receivers with only analog RCA inputs (like the one my parents have), I used one of these digital to analog converter boxes (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B005K2TXMO/).  It worked well for what it is.

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I just looked on the LG web site for a "typical" 4k OLED TV and see it DOES have HDMI Audi Return Channel.


The wise thing to do would be to read your TV manual for how to send the TV's audio to a stereo, or bring that manual to an audio/video store and ask for recommendations for an audio receiver that would work with your TV.


If you already have an A/V receiver, you can post your make and model here, and the model of your TV, and one or more of us might be able to guide you through

the compatibility process. Hooking up the speakers to the receiver is the easy part!

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