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TS Parameters required , can anybody support me in this matter ?


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A friend of mine is restoring his Tangent 4000 . He asked me to help him in this matter here in the K.C . He´s  looking for the TS parameter of the K-27-K which is in the Tangent 4000 and/ or if there is a difference to the K-24-K which is installed in the Heresy.


Any reply will be appreciated , thanx in advance



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I have the T/S Parameters from the K -24- K woofer used in the Heresy II , but I´m looking for the TSP from the K -27-K woofer






@OO1 somewhere I read that you owned the Tangent 4000 and 5000 , any idea ?  There´re so many Klipsch experts in the KC , shouldn´t be a big challange for you




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6 hours ago, MicroMara said:

 I´m looking for the TSP from the K -27-K woofer



 K-24 TSP must be  roughly  the same  for the K-27  ,  or very very close  , given the superior cone for the K-27 .



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The one original K-27-K I have, has a fairly high free air resonance of 48Hz.

Normally the Tangent and Forte driver should show a lower resonance of 22-27Hz.

I suppose the culprit is the butyl impregnated rim that got stiff after 26 years.....


any hints?


Thank you



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If you suspect the rim material, would massage it with a lubricant to assist with any prior flexibility it may have lost over time.  May take a couple or more applications to determine if rim is a culprit.

In the speaker cabinet under pressure is where would expect lower hz numbers.






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