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How to increase the performance of Atmos speakers


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I read this on another forum but thought I'd post it here.


Most Atmos receivers allow you to select various Atmos speaker configurations and placement.  As an example, my Sony receiver lets you select from two or four overhead, two or four height and two or four "bounce" speakers.


The suggestion is if you have your speakers currently set to overhead, change them to height for better Atmos sound from them.  I just did it and it's a significant improvement!   Doing this doesn't mess up how your receiver handles Atmos or DTS:X signals, it still decodes them correctly.


I'm not sure why there's such a noticeable difference but I was really happy to see there was!  I checked my settings and the speaker output level stayed exactly the same with both settings so it isn't simply raising the output level.

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I am not expert in it. I currently am running a 5.1 setup but have been thinking about upgrading to a 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 Atmos setup. I do not want to change my speakers or sub. I know I will need to get Atmos add on module speakers(I do not want to install ceiling speakers) and a new Atmos capable receiver. 

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When running 4 Atmos speakers (one set angled up to reflect, and one set from the ceiling pointing down) but the  receiver only has one option for Atmos distance from the ceiling that apparently is for all 4 of the Atmos speakers.. i’m confused on what to adjust the distance to when one set is pointing down, and one set is pointing up…but only one option for a distance to ceiling…. any suggestions? 

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3 minutes ago, derrickdj1 said:

The key point to remember is that Atmos speakers are not designed nor are FH speakers designed to standout. They are  not meant to standout.  The center and mains are the main show. Rear speakers will have a bigger volume influence.

Hi Derek how’s it going old friend? Where do you have your Atmos located?

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