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Defective Cone? RC64 III humming problem (only one year of use)

Xavier F

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Hi guys


I have had an amazing central speaker for the last year. The top of the line RC64III. 


Recently I started hearing a humming, I thought it might be and object that was vibrating nearby, but upon close inspection I realized that it was the second cone. The problem is more noticeable around 70 to 90hz. It's the only cone doing that. If I push my finger (gently of course) it stops doing it for maybe 20-30 seconds, then it starts again.


It might be the spider that got unglued, but I don't know how this could have happened so soon, after only one year of use listening at moderate volume. 


The thing is that I live overseas (Chile) so sending it back and forth would be like 1000USD.


Do you think I can get an original cone from Klipsch? I can replace it myself.


If I can't and I have to glue it myself, do you think it might alter the sound?


here's a Video I made: 


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@Xavier F     the RC-64 III is under warranty for 2 years ,  if you can action the Warranty coverage , , you may only have to pay shipping to  Santiago Chile


 RC-64 III Woofer  is klipsch Part # 1064792 



if the issue is  glue , you can fix it ,   take out the woofer , to see what's going on inside  1st ,

make sure there is nothing internally touching  the woofer ( wire-foam , loose connector  )     and causing a vibration  , then re-test again .

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