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After my sister yelled at me for half an hour on the phone to stop hoarding

I decided to take a look around

to see if there really was something I could part with.

Maybe make some room for more audio gear ......


Why not start with perishables ............


Canned food is forever unless it swells up, better in cool dark spaces like the low humidity basement.


Whole grain like wheat was germinated after 10 years, 10 out of 10 seeds grew roots on a paper towel test. Grain was stored in a sealed food container with nitrogen gas. Same applies for Legumes.

My legumes are sitting in the original plastic bags, I may germinate a few out of curiosity.


Meat or other in a Freezer is forever as I understand it, unless the power goes out .....

Freezer with auto defrost is only 6 months at best.


My doomsday supply of Bevita cookies individual wrappers dated 9-2020. Smell like glue, ate 1 and didn't die yet. Feeding the rest to the birds or mice on my back patio.


10 year old bag of rice krispies, goes directly to the animals

Same for the box of unopened Life cereal, 2007.


Next will be moving on to my doomsday pasta supply, plastic bagged in original boxes to keep the creepy crawlers out.


MIL was radiating food, that lasted forever. Don't know what happened to that tech.


Then there is the stuff in 10-25 year storage buckets.

My brother sampled his 10-15 year old meals and tossed them out, now replaced. Don't know if he sampled the replacements ......


On Deck: the shed and basement

Basement was doing well until I connected the old Duel turntable

Added 3,500 LPs since then.....

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Ironic post this. Just me and the wife, two full chest freezers, two refrigerator/freezers. After having to nearly unload a freezer while on the hunt I said we have enough I need to stop buying. When bacon, steak, chicken etc. is on sale I buy. The return on sale item food is better than the stock market. And with continuing rising prices it just makes sense to buy low, eat high  —


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During the initial Virus Hysteria

My friend in the country and I were eating our supplies and avoiding stores.


When we spoke in person a few months later we both said the same thing.

It was frightening how fast the food pumped down.

I recall a headline "Who's laughing at preppers  now"


Dumped all of my gas cans into the Buick yesterday

Will get another 15-20 gal fresh on Monday and add stable.


Will probably lay in 4-6 months of new food this week

It's stuff I eat normally, so it just goes into the rotation.

I'll have to try some of the boxed pasta

plenty in mylar in buckets.


One thing I won't run out of is lead.......

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9 hours ago, newworld said:

Stack food and seeds to the rafters. As far as freezers full of food, don't rely much on that. They are going to shut the power off. As far as freezer burn, use mylar in the freezer. Garden food in mylar is as fresh as day as picked. I commend anyone storing food!

My brother added a Cummins quiet dual fuel generator last year

runs on city NG as the first backup

and can cut over to LPG as a second backup

On my advice he had a 1000 gallon tank buried in his yard.


I guess planning depend on how bleak you think things will get

20 miles from his place tornadoes did a total wipe out

so it was easy for him to get SA

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1 hour ago, Audible Nectar said:


Currently, I'm suggesting the new Adam Curtis work "Traumazone" (BBC), a seven hour documentary film on post-Soviet Union Russia from 1985-1999. 

I don't think most people inc me know how bad the collapse of the Soviet Union was for the Citizens.

Overnight the banks stopped making payments, the currency worthless

No one being paid for their Govt job, aka 99% of the population.

Somehow they were able to get everyone to show up and harvest the crops, package the food, and get it onto trucks and trains and out to the population. Could have been 90% fatality famine.

Crime also became astronomical, up to 20% of the men in some cities in organized gangs.

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3 minutes ago, michaelwjones said:


And you’ll be able to listen for how long or are you headed over to your brother’s house to burn through his tank first? 😎


I'm searching for a wind up record player, but my LPs won't last very long on ones I've seen.

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3 hours ago, michaelwjones said:


And you’ll be able to listen for how long or are you headed over to your brother’s house to burn through his tank first? 😎


Good point

Search for spring wound turntable to begin

Marlene Deietrich aka Shanghai Lilly  had a great one in Shanghai Express 1932




Portable phonograph in a textured, red metal hatbox case manufactured by the Odeon company of Germany. – 13 ½” in diameter. Employs the “System Vadasz patented reproducing features.

Nice and rare ODEON german portable Gramophone in "Bauhaus" design. The same model was available in the USA from Parlophone. Build around he 1930th. Also interesting the german Ad for the machine. The machine the System Vadasz which is also involved in the ultraportable of the Mikiphones.






Shanghai Lilly, the ruin of many a man ................






Parlophone 1.jpg

Parlophone 5.jpg

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