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Klipsch Forte 4- American Walnut $3,700 Signal Mountain, TN ***SOLD***

John Chi-town

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2 hours ago, OO1 said:

excellent deal , 1300$ off the  new selling price , no taxes  seller has 20 hours usage ....Brand New 

Yes.  I acquired my forte IV for $3,500.00 exact same situation.  They are in distressed oak with lamb's wool covers & A stock.  Straight out of the wrapper with boxes, inserts and all paperwork.  Then I sold my forte II to a forum member for $1,000.00 so net cost for me was only $2,500.00 plus half a day of time and 3/4 of a tank of gas.

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3 hours ago, Peter P. said:

You're assuming that's an actual listening setup. Could be the photo was arranged for the ad.


Don't believe everything you see.

I doubt that. Many people know nothing about setting up a decent sounding two channel system. I bet that photo is true to the real conditions. And might even be the reason for the sale.

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  • John Chi-town changed the title to Klipsch Forte 4- American Walnut $3,700 Signal Mountain, TN ***SOLD***

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