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KLF 30 upgrade

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On 12/3/2022 at 6:56 AM, the real Duke Spinner said:

Is it possible ??

I have had many sets of speakers

These have stayed many years..


But Technology moves on


Thoughts ?(






As far as I remember you didn´t liked the RF7 I . There´s no reason to replace them.... imo. Revise them optical and maybe the x-over caps if neccessary and you´ll be fine . Pitty that I can´t get them here . Don´t forget to use origin Klipsch Parts

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KLF-30 is great the way they are.  Some tightening up on the cabinets, and possibly tweeter diaphragms, you should be good.  You can do the woofers and such but the problem is you may or may not like the outcome.  BUT you've already done the investment.  Too late.


Change the tweeter if you must and brace the cabinets better, then decide.  Cabinet bracing is a game changer.  If you put in the new woofers, you will still need to brace the cabinets....


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I agree to make sure the cabs are solid first. That's their biggest issue right there even if you think they're ok.




Other than that, I replaced practically every component in mine and every single one made a positive improvement. Great speakers when they're firing on all cylinders. 







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Duke I remember you from the forum years ago. You helped me with one of my questions. Didn't you have a Phase Linear amp start on fire or something along those lines?


























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