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RIP Brandon opusk2K9

Woofers and Tweeters

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I just now found out that our long time friend opusk2K9 passed away. I hadn't talked with him for a while and wasn't expecting to hear this.


He was a great help to many for many years with his posts in the Alert section.  




I will try to post more later.



RIP Brandon

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Brandon was a great guy in many ways. Trying to help Gil is just one example. When he didn't grab them himself, he used to regularly post in the Alert section some great deals for other members.


He used to text me to help me spend my money. Although he sent me several, I only remember the ones I bought:

RF83, RC64 with surround and sub

Complete THX Ultra II set

Oak Chorus II

Black Chorus II

Mahogany KLF30

Birch LaScala 

Oak Khorns that were right here in my hometown

I still have and am enjoying most of those speakers. I wish that I could tell him thanks again.





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Hi everyone.  I have not been on the forum in a long time.  I reached out to Brandon via text tonight, then got a reply from his wife telling me what had happened, so I'm just now finding out about this.  I'm in utter shock and so damn sad.


I live only 1 town away from him.  I've been to his home a handful of times over the last few years, and we kept in touch every couple months to check up on each other and to see how our families were doing.  We were both going through a lot.  We offered each other a lot of encouragement.  He was truly one of the good people in this world, and he will be missed.  


I'll miss ya buddy.  

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