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[Sold] Parasound zTuner - $30

The History Kid

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Hey y'all,


I have a Parasound zTuner (pretty sure it's an OG) that I'm selling.  I'll need to get photos later (I do always have them), but the system has an issue with the display.  I don't think the fix is going to take too terribly much, but still...we moved to just using a tablet to run the system this came from now.  The display shows gibberish, so it's hard to tell exactly what you're doing with the system.  Everything else functions well however, and I do have the remote - which apparently seems to be a big thing that many zTuner's are without.


Condition cosmetically is a solid 8/10

Functionality minus the display is a 10 - but again, the display *is* an issue.


I'm asking $30 plus shipping, but am open to offers since it seems like the pool is rather shallow on these units.


Photos will come later on when I have the time to get them taken and uploaded.  I *might* have the original box?  But I'd have to look at my storage unit to know for sure.  Either way, product will be well packaged when shipped.

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I totally forgot to come around to this again, so here's some of the straight up photos.  Photo #2 shows the screen being weird.  It does have the remote though! Which seems like it's an odd thing to still have.  It was working on the last test that I ran.






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