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SOLD - ebay fraudulent ad - AK2 Klipschorns with full Volti mods- $4,320 Buy It Now includes shipping


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2 hours ago, bkwa1959 said:

These pictures are from a sold ad from California that someone copied and tried to run a scam.Same thing happened yesterday with a pair of ads l2030’s that sold last week.

Yep. The ebay ad doesn't even show up in my ebay history. It was a pretty elaborate scam. They had lots of inventory from an antique ebay store with lots of past transactions, all fake.

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  • pcbiz changed the title to SOLD - ebay fraudulent ad - AK2 Klipschorns with full Volti mods- $4,320 Buy It Now includes shipping

Not that it matters, but ya'll might get a kick out of this (if you don't recall me telling the story years ago)


I was on the hunt for a McIntosh MC-2102...found one on Ebay.  Bought it, received it and it's now (then) sitting in my room.


A week or three later, a listing pops up on Ebay.  Don't you know it was the very unit that I bought.  Same pictures, same box, same dog in picture.  Oh wait, did I say same box?  I don't know about today, but then, McIntosh had the serial number on the outside of the box.  Not wanting someone to get scammed, I put a $1M bid on the unit so that anytime someone bid on it, I'd step over their bid.


I was warned by someone (a nervous nanny type?) that I'd better not do that because of some (vaguely worded) risks that I'm opening myself up to.


I said what risk?  if I were to win the listing, I'm not going to pay a dime.  If they decide to sue me, I have the real thing in my hands.  How could it be in my hands, ostensibly shipped to me by them and now they state non payment?  Turn that puppy around....  and point out that yeah, I bought it from them....  Oh, Ebay, did you get your fees from them?  Didn't think so, better go after them because now they're trying to steal it back...here are the serial numbers and box that are in my posession to prove things... see how the serial number happens to match their listing?  Why would they ship me a $100 amp without getting paid first?


Meh...  nothing ever happened. The listing just dwindled away, at a very petty pace, signifying nothing.



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