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Fusing a Heresy


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16 minutes ago, 6444johnf said:

Not sure if it makes a difference but should each driver be fused, or should it be all in one?  Looking like a 2.5 Amp quick blow fuse is correct, maybe.

Why so large a value. I use 1 amp quick blow. If memory is correct Klipsch once selected 1 1/4 amp quick blow for a LaScala. 001 is correct in that fuses should not be required and could possible degrade the sound ever so slightly, indistinguishable for most though including me. I do it because I build lots of audio gear and who knows, I do make mistakes and do not want to be buying drivers or speakers. Accidently pulling input cables while amp running will give you a nasty sound that is subject to blow my 1 amp fast blow on occasion. Probably not hurt anything but a fuse assures it does not especially that delicate tweeter. 

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