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Brand new Forte IV static distortion on certain frequency.


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I just purchased a pair of new Forte IV online from one of the reseller, and notice that 1 of them is producing hoarse static distortion noise around certain frequency (playing piano pieces). 


Contacted the seller, and waiting for the reply. 


But very disappointing that a brand new pair has this issue from klipsch, QC should have caught it. 

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The brand new pair of original-series Fortes I unboxed myself back in 1988 had a midrange blown - I could tell from vocals, mainly female, which provided a bit of a static rattle, if my acoustic memory serves.

I loaded it up and took it back to the showroom, where they swapped out the mid horn with one in a model they knew worked just fine.


It's still running sweet, some 34 years later.
Hopefully, you can be back up and running with it soon...

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2 hours ago, bryan0101 said:

It was the K702, the diaphragm was defective. The reseller sent me another and its now singing  beautifully. I can see the Forte staying for very long time.....

Did they send you a new  driver , or just the  diaphragm

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They sent me the whole new driver. I believe only klipsch or the oem factory can redo the diaphragm. I tested with all the genres from spotify I can think of, and it's good now. And yes, forte iv sounding life-like and awesome. I'm using it as main instead of my usual sopra to break-in as well as hooking up my dual rythmik F12Gs to it for the 20-50 region.


Would love to find the schematic for the crossover and see if they can be upgraded in the future.

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