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Chorus II riser or stands


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5 hours ago, Tucahay said:

Has anyone raised their Chorus II’s without a loss of stability or bass? I use mine in the garage and rarely sit in front of them. Right now they are on carpeted furniture dollies. Not a great look. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Welcome back! Do your Chorus still have the risers they came with stock?

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While the dollies might not be a "great look", you can transform them with a little woodwork.

Why not attach hardwood or veneered skirts around the dolly bases to hide the wheels, leaving a small gap for rolling around?

Granted, the dollies are likely not the exact dimensions of the speakers, so either modify them to mimic the factory risers, or make your own.

If you're not handy to do this I'm sure you could find a local woodworker to build them.

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My Chorus IIs were also on carpeting. The risers were beat, so I replaced them with solid pine Forte IV type risers. That little tweak really tightened up the bass, giving them a more sealed subwoofer type of sound.

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