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A little help connecting 2 subs to an old amp

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Need a little advice on connecting 2 subs to an amp with no sub connections.  Speaker connections A & B will be for front and rear.  My new/old woodshop stereo.  Pics attached for clarification.


AMP = Yamaha A-1020

Subwoofer 1 = Yamaha SW-4

Subwoofer 2 = Klipsch R-120SW 

Yamaha SW-4.JPG


Klipsch R-120SW_k.JPG

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Depending on how that Yamaha is configured you might have to run an RCA cable into each sub and back again, which is why the Yamaha has those jumpers in its Accessory send and receive pre-amp section.  Since your subs only have pre-amp ins, here’s options for you:


- Get two RCA y splitters, connect each to the Send portion of your receiver.  Connect one side of one of the splitters to the input of one sub and the other cable to one of the Receive inputs on your Yamaha.  Do the same with the other sub.


- Get new subs that have both pre-amp inputs and outputs.  Connect the subs inputs to the Send portion of your receiver and connect the subs outputs to the Receive portion of your receiver.


- Get a new (used) receiver with a dedicated sub output.


- Just use the one sub you have that has high level inputs and outputs and connect one of your pairs of speakers to that.


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